Lawmakers keep special perk to carry concealed with no permit

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - last month HB 514 overwhelmingly passed the house to take out a loophole that lets lawmakers carry concealed weapons without a permit. A senate committee voted 6 to 2 to kill that bill leaving in the special privilege. The bill's sponsor says that sends the wrong message to voters. Representative Rick Youngblood said, "The premise of the bill was to tell the public that we didn't have any more special privileges than they would have."

Representative Youngblood says there are a lot of bills on the books that gives lawmakers special favors. He found out there was some history behind the bill he co sponsored. "Back in 1906 at that time I believe it was former governor Steunenberg, actually got blown up with a bomb in his mail box. It was right at that time that that language was added to legislation that blatantly said elected officials could carry."

Representative Youngblood was surprised that his bill was killed in a senate committee when it looked like a sure thing. "I am just not sure the folks in the committee were thinking clearly about the bill. To make a statement that we should be able to keep special privileges over our voters was really surprising to me," Representative Youngblood said.

Representative Youngblood says that he will try to push the bill again next year and he hopes to address other laws that give lawmakers special privileges