Lawmaker: Make all Idaho adults militia members

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Senator Jim Rice's proposed amendment to the Idaho constitution is still in its infancy, but the Caldwell Republican says it would broaden who can be considered a member of the state militia.

"It changes (the wording) from every able bodied man between 18 and 45 to every able bodied person 18 and older," said Rice.

That new, proposed militia definition would include almost all adults in Idaho and Rice says along with the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment, re-wording the state constitution it would provide another layer of protection for the right to bear arms.

"It provides a backstop, a way for us to say the federal government does not have the right to disarm the citizens of the State of Idaho because it's never had the right to disarm the militia."

The Idaho legislature must approve any proposed amendment to the state constitution before it goes to the voters.

Rice hopes to get that done next session so it can go to the voters in the November 2014 election.