Lawmaker calls for audit of outside attorney costs

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Representative John Gannon, D-Boise, wants an official legislative audit of Idaho's outsourcing of attorney services and other litigation costs.

This comes after an AP investigation earlier this week revealed that the state has spent $18 million in the last three years on outside private attorneys.

"Legislators and the public need to be sure our money is being spent wisely," Gannon says in a press release. "And expensive outsourcing for attorney services may not be the way to go."

Gannon says he is also asking for details on how much money the state could have to pay in fees if it loses a court battle because of passed laws that are of "uncertain legality."

"Everyone needs to know how much litigation is costing our State when we pass laws that of uncertain legality," Gannon says.

He cites a recent case that could cost the state more than $237,000 in attorney fees if it loses a pending appeal.

Gannon is asking the Office of Performance Evaluation to conduct the audit.