Law firm representing inmates shows alleged 'gang' attack video

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A Treasure Valley law firm representing eight inmates who contend a private prison is being run by gangs inside the prison grounds has released videos and photos of an alleged attack.

In the lawsuit, eight inmates say guards at the south Boise facility let gangs run the prison.

On Tuesday, an attorney for the inmates released two videos showing fights at the prison as well as numerous photographs of the aftermath. In the lawsuit, eight inmates says Corrections Corporation of America, which owns Idaho Correctional Center, is essentially lettings gangs run the prison to save money.

In the video, it appears as if a single guard is the only responding officer for almost 40 seconds after the incident began.

The lawsuit says the prison is a place where correctional officers work in fear of gang members and eve ask their permission before moving new prisoners into other cells.

"The gang policies of CCA present clear and present danger to many people," said T.J. Angstman, who's representing the inmates. "As I watched the video, I felt particular concern for the prison guard who attempted to protect my clients from the gang without any backup."

The CCA released a statement to the Associated Press.

"We take all allegations seriously and act swiftly if our standards have not been met," spokesman Steve Owen said in a statement. "... At all times, we are held to the highest standards of accountability and transparency by our government partners, and expect to be."