Lambs and life lessons; 4H kids use skills inside and outside the barn

GARDEN CITY, Idaho (KBOI) -- At the Western Idaho Fair, you'll see several kids in and out of the sheep barn throughout the day, but one family in particular is there earlier, and later than everyone else.

Summer break for the Carley family consists of early mornings and late nights taking care of two lambs, all while juggling other activities. Emma and Grayson Carley said they wake up before 7:30 a.m. every morning to get their animals fed, before they even get food for themselves.

But they wouldn't have it any other way.

"We kind of want to be here first, in the barn, and last out," Grayson said.

The Carley's said they want to show how much they care about their animals by being there early, and staying late. And said that's just how they operate.

"If you want to place high in your class, you work all summer long, so you can place well," Emma said.

It's both Emma's and Grayson's second year in 4H. The two said they've learned dedication and hard work inside the sheep pins, but it doesn't stop there. Their mom, Carla Carley, said those traits carry through everything they do.

"That's their first priority, to make sure their animals are fed before they get breakfast themselves, and I think that spills over into academics and sports and everything," Carla Carley said.

Emma said she's more confident in the pool after being involved in 4H. And Grayson said he's more patient if there's a bad snap on the football field.

"It teaches me more to not give up. Before he was just this crazy thing and now he's getting more tame everyday," Grayson said.

Mom, Carla, said the two plan on selling their lambs for harvest on August 19. She said the two plan on putting the money they get from the sale into a savings account for college, but first, she said the kids will help pay her back for all the animals' food the past several months.