Laid off workers finally receive their paychecks

EMMETT, Idaho (KBOI) - Employees waited eagerly, but as promised they were able to get their paychecks at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

The KBOI Truth Squad looked into the matter after laid off employees didn't receive their checks last Friday, and were told they might get them this week.

Even though the company did follow through there are still dozens of people out of a job because of the mill closing. Many of the people who've already found new jobs elsewhere say they have to commute long distances to places like Boise.

A manager told us the reason the plant closed is they didn't have enough money to continue. They claimed they didn't have any control over the price of the logs coming in or how much the finished product was selling for once they shipped it.

Workers told us the mill is vital to Emmett, and needs to be reopened at some point. Although some said it needs to be better managed, and would likely need newer equipment to compete.

It's still unclear if tax payer will ever see a return on the $8 million that was given to the business as a part of the federal stimulus plan.