Labrador: 'I'm trying to tell people to just calm down'

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) - There were so many people backed into the chamber at Meridian City Hall that some residents had to watch Congressman Raul Labrador's town hall from a separate viewing room.

He was taking questions on a range of topics from Medicare to the economy, but the one on many people's minds was the fight over gun control. Many people we ran into came to hear what he had to say but wanted to make sure he would stick up for people's 2nd Amendment Rights.

" Well I think the 2nd amendment is an issue because it reflects our rights and what we are going to have and what we're not going to have," said Craig Campbell of Boise. "Cause people say the 2nd amendment that secures the other nine in the bill of rights and I believe that that is a true statement."

The gun debate has become heated over the last month as the Senate began holding hearings on the issue earlier this week. Labrador said during the town hall he doesn't believe any of the major proposals will even pass. The congressman also noted that he would like to see people to step back and realize no solid plan has even been put forward.

"One of the things I'm trying to tell people is to just calm down a little bit," said Labrador. "I think if you look at the 26 proposals a lot of them are issues that we just need to enforce the laws that are currently on the books. The proposals that he has that he needs to pass through congress he can't even get them passed out of the Senate."

The Senate is currently controlled by the Democrats, and there are some who still don't fully support all the measures.