Labor Day marks summer's winding down

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- At Spring Shores Marina, many people were holding on to summer as long as they can, even though the arrival of Labor Day means the writing's on the wall.

"I'm sad. I'm not ready for summer to be over," said Kali Kuck of Meridian, as she and her family and friends prepared for a day of boating. "I enjoy the warm weather. I'm looking forward to fall, but I love boating and camping. I'm not ready for the cold weather."

But Kali's husband sees the glass half full.

"You've still got the great weather, and the sun's still out," said David Kuck kids going back to school, you have to adjust to that, but if you're a fisherman or an outdoorsman, you got the best of both world right now."

At Epley's Boise River Rentals in Barber Park, the curtain is coming down on another summer float season. Epley's closes for business after Labor Day.

"It's bittersweet," said Spencer Reeves of Mountain Home. "I always like the summer, I like to get outdoors, so that's why we're taking the kids floating, since it's the last day to float down the river."

By the way -- ave you noticed the Boise River is starting to run a little clearer right now? It's been muddy for the past several days.

That's due to tons of sediment poured into the river from earlier flash floods and mud slides in areas eroded by wildfire.