Kuna teacher featured in CBS primetime documentary

KUNA, Idaho (KBOI) -- Kuna Middle School math teacher Shelby Harris is being thrust into the national spotlight and it's not a place she's used to.

"It's odd," she says. "It's very odd."

The 36-year-old University of Idaho graduate is featured in a 90-minute CBS documentary, called "TEACH", profiling four teachers nationwide last school year.

The documentary airs on Channel 2 Friday at 7 p.m.

In Harris's case, the documentary follows her as the first Idaho teacher to use the Khan Academy education website in a classroom where every student has a laptop.

"It's the use of technology and websites with the use of direct instruction to best meet the needs of the students as individuals rather than the classroom curriculum," she explains.

This school year, 48 schools across Idaho are using the Khan Academy website.

It's the first statewide implementation of Kahn ever, a pilot program sponsored by the Albertson Foundation with Northwest Nazarene University.

One of the biggest differences in this new way of teaching is that the teacher is no longer the center of attention.

Harris says that gives her new freedom for personal interaction with each student.

"It feels like you're constantly working to entertain," she says. "When it becomes student-centered, that pressure is off, and it's much easier. It's more real and genuine."

The kids in the documentary seem to like it.

"You're the teacher and student at the same time," one student remarks.

But don't worry, nothing escapes Harris's vigilant eyes in her classroom, where she tells her students behavior is everything.

And in this new age of education, that concept is as old as the hills.