Kuna Schools won't say if it's still using bus driver from deadly crash

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - The report into the school bus crash that killed 11-year-old Daniel Cook has has been released and finds school bus driver Debra Boatwright at fault. The report says Boatwright failed to yield at a stop sign on Deer Flat Road.

KBOI 2News reached out to the Kuna School District to see if Boatwright is still out on the road with kids. The district says it doesn't have a policy for what happens if a bus driver causes a crash. Kuna Schools also wouldn't tell KBOI if Boatwright is still driving a school bus for its schools or not.

People who live near the crash site say that after all their neighborhood has been through, they feel they have the right to know whether or not she's still behind the wheel with kids.

"It would be difficult to put a kid on a bus at all for at least a time period after that," said Bobbi Cunningham, who lives nearby, "As a parent, I would want to know so I could make that decision myself."

Cunningham, along with most others we talked to in the neighborhood, say they believe the incident was just an accident and don't hold any ill will toward the bus driver. But they still say they would like to see more transparency from the school district on whether or not Boatwright is still working for Kuna Schools.