Know your rights: Man caught on tape trying to take them away

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A confrontation caught on tape raises questions about your rights in public spaces. A construction worker told a man who was video recording his crew that he couldn't capture footage of them.

Mark Reinhardt says he was standing on a public sidewalk Sunday night when he taped the construction worker telling him not to record. At first, the worker said it was because the crew didn't want to be on camera. But when Reinhardt didn't stop, the worker told him he had to move away because he didn't have a hard hat on.

Reinhardt moved the camera back, but the construction worker continued to comment on being videotaped.

"I kind of doubted the whole hard hat safety thing when he still went on about me filming him," Reinhardt said, "I'm not violating any laws by filming in a public space, so why is there a problem?"

KBOI 2News asked Dr. Rick Moore, who specializes in teaching about the law and ethics of media at BSU, if he agrees. He told us Reinhardt wasn't doing anything wrong.

"If other people are able to see what the person is doing," Moore said, "Taking a video camera out and recording what he or she is doing is not a breach of privacy."

KBOI 2News called Sorensen Companies, Incorporated, the construction company seen working in the video. The company's spokesman apologized and said the worker in the video had no authoritative right to speak on behalf of the crew or tell Reinhardt he couldn't record.