Kids replace symbol of captured soldier few days before his release

HAILEY, Idaho (KBOI) -- You can't miss the hundreds of yellow ribbons that line Main Street in Hailey that were put up as to be constant reminder that one of their own was not there: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. And of the ribbons are brand new, thanks to a group of young kids; it came just in time for the announcement that Bergdahl was being released from the Taliban's captivity.

Bergdahl was missing for almost five years, and a former employer of his, Sue Martin, replaced the ribbons every year he didn't come home. But the Thursday before Memorial Day a local Girls Scout troop, along with some local Boy Scouts and 4H members decided to step up and help Martin with her yearly tradition.

What shocked Martin the most was not only the amount of kids who stepped up, but those who were with them.

"There were friends of those kids, and there were other family members, and two of my grand kids went," Martin said.

Normally replacing the ribbons was the effort of a few volunteers, but Martin said it was great to see so many this time around.

"Like help give people a lot of hope that he would come home, and that was really fun for me," Abby Fauth, Troop 392, said.

While Girl Scouts may be well known for their baking and cookies, it's sometimes their strong efforts in the community that might be overlooked. Troop 392 was only in second grade when Berghdal was first captured, but the lessons these girls learned in supporting their community will last a lifetime.

"I think what we took away is that even the littlest bit of support can help a big thing happen," Anneka Thompson, Troop 392, said.