Keep your bike safe - Follow these tips!

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Boise is a bike city, and that means a lot of people are targets of bicycle theft. So far this year, police say thieves have nabbed more than 450 bikes in Boise alone.Sean Barnes, manager at Bob's Bicycles says he sees a lot of customers who have had their bikes stolen."I would say at least 50-percent of what we see in here is because they didn't lock the bike up in the first place," Barnes said.That's why he says it's important to always lock it up, even if you step away for just a moment."It's easy enough for somebody to walk by get on your bike and wheel off on it pretty quickly," Barnes said, "You can be a long way away in five minutes."Barnes says it's important to lock up as much of your bike as possible. If you only put your lock through a wheel or the frame, other parts of the bike can be taken.But Barnes says generally, thieves tend not to bother with a bike that's secured to something."It's just taking the time to lock it," he said, "You just need a deterrent most of the time."It's important to register your bike and its serial number with local police in case it ever is stolen. If it turns up, they can get it back to you.