KBOI reporter spots garage fire reignite

GARDEN CITY, Idaho (KBOI ) - A fire reignited early Friday morning, after smoke was seen coming from the garage. While on scene KBOI heard smoke alarms going off and called 911. When fire crews arrived, flames started coming from the top of the house. At that point the firefighters started yelling "fire" and ran into the house.

"We were forced to go in there and pull the ceiling inside the resident to get to the attic fire," Said Boise Fire Department Chief Jeff LaBour.

The fire restarted from an ember in the attack, which was still going 6 hours after the initial fire was put out. When firefighters arrived on scene they entered the house with a fire hose and within 30 minutes, determined there was no more flames or smoke in the house.

"It's just one of those freak things where an ember gets up there and hides and percolates and finally just takes off," Said Chief LaBour.

The reignited fire caused lots of damage inside the house. Firefighters spent Friday morning going through the house with a fine tooth comb looking for any more embers.

"If you (KBOI) hadn't have been here, we would have had a whole lot more work to do," Said Chief LaBour.

The original fire started Thursday night after someone called 911 around 11pm, saying they saw smoke and flames coming from a house on Ashville Lane in Garden City.

Fire crews called it a second alarm fire, when firefighters saw the garage fully engulfed in the flames. They quickly got the fire out, but it was too late for the garage, which is a total loss. The home was badly damaged, but the person living inside was able to get out safely with no injuries.

"Crews arrived on location, identified where the the problem was, made rapid fire tact to the garage, got the doors open and put water on the fire," Said Boise Fire Department Division Chief Paul Roberts.

Several engines and trucks responded to the fire and fire crews from Boise and Eagle were called in to help.

Firefighters are still investigating just what caused the fire.