KBOI News story brings out the kindness of strangers

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) -- Paula Bennett gave a helping hand to Jim and Patricia Irwin Thursday, by dropping off a wheelchair for Patricia to use.

"It's been in my garage, and when I saw the story, I thought you guys could use it," said Paula, who lives in Meridian.

On Tuesday night, KBOI News broadcast the story of how the elderly couple's car parked at their Nampa home had been stolen with Patricia's walker and wheelchair inside.

"It was sad, it was shocking," said Patricia. "I had the whole range of emotions, being mad and everything."

"Hard to believe," said Jim. " I mean the walker was in the backseat. Handicapped stickers were hanging from the rearview mirror."

But Paula saw the story and immediately thought of the wheelchair she owned.

"I had it for my husband, who passed away 19 months ago," she said. "So I've just kept it in the garage."

"This helps, this helps a lot," said Patricia, "to know there's some kind people out there."

Patricia has a motorized wheelchair, but to get around, and to get around inside their home, she really needs the lightweight version.
"And besides that, Jim can't pick this big thing up," said a grateful Patricia. "He's got a bad back and shoulders."
It's people like Paula Bennett who show us the kindness of strangers is alive and well.