Karney Fire 80 percent contained, evacuees going home

BOISE COUNTY -- Wilderness Ranch residents who voluntarily evacuated their homes earlier this week are now returning, among them, Jim Carvino.

"We are grateful to the firemen who kept our house from danger," Carvino said. "We appreciate everything they did. And we are glad to be going home."

Crews have beaten back the Karney Fire from the ground and from the air. At 430 acres, it's now 80 percent contained, with full containment expected Sunday.

"Things are looking super-good," said Kelly Woods, fire information officer. "The night crew didn't see much heat."

But it's been a hard, dirty fight.

"This one, it was really steep and sandy," said Matt Park, a firefighter from Utah. "We had a hard time getting our fire line to stay."

And we're learning more about the young man charged with intentionally starting the fire Monday.

Investigators say Nathaniel Bartholomew, the 18-year-old volunteer firefighter charged with arson, may have started the fire because he wanted to work with his father, also a firefighter.

They say the young man felt he bonded well with his dad in these situations. Bartholomew entered a plea of not guilty and remains in custody at the Ada County Jail.

Deputies say the family is taking it hard.

"They are concerned about him," said Chief Deputy Dale Rogers with the Boise County Sheriff's Office. "They would never have encouraged this type of a situation. I think they are somewhat despondent."

And Chief Deputy Rogers says the family has been receiving threats over the internet.