Kaitlyn Farrington says she hopes her story inspires local kids

KETCHUM, Idaho (KBOI) - Olympic gold medalist Kaitlyn Farrington got a big welcome home in the towns of Bellevue, Hailey and Ketchum Monday afternoon.

Farrington, a Bellevue native, won the gold in the half-pipe competition.

Farrington was given a surprise homecoming.

The celebration began in Bellevue, where she rode in a classic car and was welcomed home by friends. She then hopped on a fire truck and rode in a parade through Hailey. She then arrived in Ketchum for a press conference, where she talked about her experiences at the 2014 Winter Olympics and took pictures with and gave autographs to fans.

At the conference she shared her story of growing up without much money and still being able to make it to the Olympics with help and scholarships from the Sun Valley Ski Foundation.

"It's just crazy because you can come from nothing and be at the top," Farrington said. "It's just inspiring, I feel like, to younger kids."