JR Simplot's JUMP about 60 percent complete

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Although it's almost 60 percent complete, Jack's Urban Meeting Place -- JUMP -- still looks very much like a work in progress in downtown.

But what exactly is JUMP?

"This is going to be the community's gathering place," said Simplot spokesman David Cuoio. "Really, it can become whatever the community wants it to be."

When the $70 million privately funded JUMP is done, it will be home to an urban park, an inspiration studio, a kitchen studio for cooking classes and culinary art competitions as well as a maker's studio for tinkerers and inventors plus a movement studio for dancers and choreographers.

The list of places to hold meetings and activities goes on and seemingly never ends.

How about a 10,000-square-foot public meeting room?

"Anybody and everybody can use JUMP and we encourage that," said Cuoio."They just walk in, ask what's going on, they get a brochure, they say I think I like that. I'll do that and they sign up."

When JUMP's completed in 2015, its creators hope the building will bring a mix of of individuals, companies and non-profits together -- and change the face of downtown, perhaps even the state.