Jerome fire chief resigns, many asking questions

JEROME, Idaho (KBOI) -- Jerome's Fire Chief, Jack Krill, has resigned, which comes as a big surprise to many residents. Krill said it was for, "personal and professional reasons."

Local barber, Michael Davis, says most of his clients are either uninformed about the resignation or confused because of the lack of answers the city is giving about it.

"I think when a reporter or somebody has a question, a legitimate question, it needs to be answered," Davis said. "These are our public officials, our public servants and when we got a question, we need answers, I'd like to have them."

In May, a woman received a $96,000 bill for a $100,000 fire that burned down her apartment building. However, the city said it made a mistake and Sylvia Moore did not have to pay.

It is uncertain if this event is related to Krill's resignation.

The city administration and fire officials have refused to answer any questions about the chief's leaving.