'I've learned 30 degrees is not cold'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Many people who live in the Treasure Valley are ready for a break from the snow and are not adjusting to well to this extra long winter.

"I'm getting tired of the snow, yeah I could do without it," said Bob Shaver, a Boise resident.

"I've learned that 30 degrees is not cold," said Chiesheman Weston, another local resident.

"I've started thinking about carrying a shovel in my car," said Jenniger Elledge, a Boise resident.

All the snow sums up the past few weeks here in the Treasure Valley and many people are starting to get annoyed.

"Everything just takes longer, downtown has been horrible the past few weeks...its been so icy its been virtually impossible some days to even walk on the sidewalks," Weston said.

The Idaho Transportation Department has learned its lesson from this rough winter and was prepared for Tuesday's storm, by pre-treating the roads.

"If you take a cooking analogy, it's like pre-treating the pan just aides in the cooking process, well same thing with the road your just pre-treating the roads so that when the weather does hit, you've already got it ready to melt off," said Reed Hollinshead, ITD spokesman.

If the roads seemed clear for Tuesday's commute, that's because the weather actually cooperated. "With the rising temperatures we're able to use all of the tools that we can to fight the elements," Hollinshead said.

That may be so...but the folks KBOI spoke with, just want the snow gone.

"It's a hassle, it will be nice when it's over," Shaver said.

ITD says its fully prepared and has enough de-icer to clear off the roads if any more storms are headed our way.