'It's really hard to say goodbye to her,' wolf kills dog in Idaho City

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- A second dog has apparently been killed by a wolf this month, Idaho Fish and Game says.

IDGF said Tuesday that a wolf or wolves killed the dog in Idaho City last week. A Fish and Game officer found dog, and wolf tracks at the house. The dog was then carried away by one of the wolves and hasn't been seen since. KBOI talked to the owner of the small terrier, she said she's devastated.

"My birthday, hat night, my sister messaged me and said that my dog was missing and I asked her why and she told me that there was a wolf," Danielle Ptak said. "I came the next morning and no sign of my dog, just the other dogs, and then the next day, I was told that my dog's gone, she's not coming back."

Idaho Fish and Game warns others to keep an eye on your pets so this doesn't happen to anyone else.

"Area pet owners should remain vigilant in keeping their dogs in a secure area," said Craig White, Fish and Game wildlife manager. "Wolves see domestic dogs as a threat, and do not tolerate them well."

Ptak said her family keeps their dogs out in the yard, but since this attack, they won't do that anymore.

"I've had her a year, and I grew really attached to her. It's just really hard to say goodbye to her," Ptak said.

Last week, the Idaho Rangeland Resource Commission reported that a sheep dog was killed in the Boise Foothills. Officials tried to track down the wolf, but have yet to find it.