'It's just as bad physically as it is emotionally and mentally'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Darin Ray has been dealing with Chronic Lyme Disease for two years. He now wants people to know the signs, and how to help those dealing with it.

Lyme Disease is very rare in Idaho, and a majority of infections come from the northeast. Lyme Disease is normally transmitted from ticks although not all ticks carry it.

Darin was fine until two years ago when he suddenly became ill. Doctors didn't know what was wrong until last year when he had a blood sample analyzed, and found the parasites in his body.

Ray believe he was infected as a kid because the area he lived in had ticks. He has also heard of people he used to know coming down with the disease. When it hits years later it can not also have harsher symptoms, and can be harder to treat.

"Extreme pain in my tendons, and it ate one third of my muscle mass completely gone," said Ray. I used to run five miles a day never had a cavity and it just dropped me."

Everyday can be a struggle for Ray and most of the time he is stuck in bed. There have been moments where he can't move his arms or legs, and even needs help going to the bathroom.

Because he can't leave the house much anymore he's also had to stop planning for events. One of which is the wedding for he and his fiance Terry. Who is now his caretaker.

Ray said he reacted negatively to treatment, so he switched to a more homeopathic set of medications which he says has helped somewhat. Although he said he's about 50 percent better compared to last year.

The pain has been so unbearable at time Ray admits if it wasn't for the support of friends, and family he may have already committed suicide. Something he said is known to happen with some people.

Darin now hopes to reach out to others in his same situation for help and support. He also wants those who care for Lyme Patients to have the help they need as well.

If you would like to contact Darin he can be reached at