ITD tearing down old Broadway, Gowen interchanges

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- The Idaho Transportation Department is now working on three major I-84 interchanges at the same time -- Gowen, Broadway, and Meridian.

It's a big undertaking, but it seems that's what the public wanted.

"We asked folks, would you rather have us do it one at a time and lengthen the time of pain," said Reed Hollinshead, spokesman for the ITD. "Or do it all at once. Rip off the bandaid all at once, and that's what they chose."

Construction to tear down the Gowen and Broadway interchanges began this week and will go on until late next year. The new interchanges will increase capacity and reduce congestion.

When the Broadway Interchange was first built in 1969, more than 8,500 cars a day used it. Today that number's jumped to 74,000 cars a day.

Expect delays, detours, lane restrictions at night and reduced speed limits.

ITD is urging motorists to leave early, slow down and pay attention.

Replacing the three interchanges will cost $124 million. Eighty-two percent of that will come from Garvee bonds, the rest from regular federal funding.


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