ITD road crews warn of soft spots, sinkholes

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Idaho road officials are asking drivers to keep a close eye on so-called soft spots and sinkholes in Southwest Idaho.

Highway soft spots or sinkholes are usually the product of water damage from rain or flooding, but damage may be quickening by man-made means or by rodents.

"ITD crews know their road sections well enough that they will immediately notice an indentation or pothole that may be an indication of a developing soft spot," said Maintenance Coordinator, Dan Bryant.

Bryant says, sinkholes can develop slowly over time, or seemingly overnight.

"Occasionally we see the surface start to indent, as the asphalt tries to act as a bridge for a short time. Other times, there's suddenly a pothole in the road, and when you look into it, you can't see the bottom," he said.

Bryant says, although ITD remains watchful, crews can't always stop sinkholes from happening.

ITD crews do hundreds of soft-spot repairs each spring to combat potential undermining.