ITD: Meridian Road is causing 'cracked windshields'

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) - If you drive Meridian Road between I-84 and Kuna on a regular basis than you have probably noticed the big orange signs that read "loose gravel."

The Idaho Transportation Department is undergoing steps to temporarily fix the problem until the road can be redone in the summer.

"The rock chips are not adhering properly to that road after it was seal-coated. So what we're doing is going out their and sweeping to remove the rock chips so they don't get kicked up by motorists and crack windshields," says Reed Hollinshead, ITD spokesman.

Tiny rocks on the road can do some damage when kicked up by drivers cruising at 55 miles per hour. But why are the rocks there in the first place?

ITD says it's a deficient seal-coating job by an out-of-state contractor called Sierra Nevada Construction.

"If there are any concerns, Sierra Nevada Construction is the one that did this work and they are responsible for the maintenance," says Hollinshead.

Fear not taxpayers, that maintenance includes footing the bill for the sweeping being done by ITD and replacing the road when the weather warms up.

In addition, any drivers who incur cracked windshields along this stretch of road can submit a claim for windshield damage to Sierra Nevada Construction by calling 877-262-2727.

"We have heard of no claims that were being denied from this company in relation to this work," says Hollinshead.

KBOI-TV has a call out to Sierra Nevada Construction, but has yet to hear back.