ITD blast I 84 and Gowen road

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - This week was the start of blasting at the intersection of Interstate 84 and Gowen Road in southeast Boise. The Idaho Transportation Department says the blasting will be going all summer about the same time during the week.

ITD spokesman, Reed Hollinshead said, "It's really hard basalt rock, about 35,000 cubic yards of that we need to move in order to do the work that we have to do." ITD says the blasting will be going on to widen Gowen to five lanes.

People we talked to said it's a blast to watch. "You get a little bit of a quick 'woomp'," Bill Rector said that as he watched from a nearby bar.

ITD says that they will be blasting during the week and will be shutting down I-84 at 7 p.m. and get it reopened after they clear out any rock on the road. They say that they have to blast about 25 more times and will probably finish up by the end of summer.