'It just doesn't look legitimate, nothing about it looks right'

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - A viewer called the Truth Squad after receiving a suspicious door hanger asking him to call the number and give personal information about his mortgage. It also said it was from Bank of America.

The reason it raised a flag was the man who received it didn't have his mortgage with Bank of America. He had also only owned the house for about a week.

The envelope looks plain with the words "Important", "please call", "please be ready to give your account number".

When KBOI called the number, it was an automated voice saying it was Bank of America, and also a debt collector. It also asked to enter your account number, access ID, or social security number.

If you don't give the information then it says to call back later when you have your information ready.

Dale Dixon with the Better Business Bureau said this is a perfect example of why people need to be diligent.

"When you find something hanging on your door, get a phone call, or receive an email," said Dixon. "We are always encouraging people to be suspicious don't just take at face value what you see. Do some follow up find a number on your own call it to verify."

We contacted Bank of America and they confirmed in a statement the number listed on the flyer is one of their customer service lines.

They said the plain looking door hanger is likely used by someone who they contract out with. That's why it likely didn't have the BofA logo.

The statement went on to say they sometimes use them to contact borrowers who they've lost contact with.

Even though it turned out to be legitimate many in Boise we showed the flyer to were still suspicious.

It just doesn't look legitimate, nothing about it looks right," said Boise resident Nettie Cumpton.

BofA said if someone received the hanger in error they should contact their customer service line to get it cleared up.