Is this Eagle woman the next 'Survivor' villain?

EAGLE, Idaho (KBOI) - It's one of the longest running reality shows on television and this season Treasure Valley residents have a local reason to tune in.

Sherri Biethman, 41, is an Eagle business woman and a contestant this season on "Survivor Caramoan Fans vs. Favorites."

Sherri's biggest fan shares her home, her husband Jared.

"I love the game and I'm a huge fan of Sherri, so to have those two things come together it's like Christmas day every day," Jared said.

Jared says he and his wife have watched every season of Survivor since the first one aired 13 years ago, and he always knew she would be great for the game.

The CBS hit reality show is all about twists and turns surprises and drama -a show where there has to be a villain.

"We have a running bet going on who she's going to make cry first and how many people she is going to make cry on the show," said Ty Funk, one of Sherri's employees.

Sherri owns two Jimmy Johns, a Cinnabon and two Wetzel's Pretzels in the Treasure Valley.

"She's a nice person but a very blunt person sometimes and some people can't really handle that," he said.

Sherri isn't offended how some may perceive her at first.

"I didn't leave my kids for 45 days to come out here and play nice," she said.

So, how did a Treasure Valley woman do to make it on the show? Contestants send in a video and answer a short questionnaire. A few weeks later after Sherri sent in her submission, she received a call from the Survivor casting department. She eventually flew to Los Angeles for interviews and made the show.

When viewers tune in this week, Jared says they'll see a very tough woman. But he also wants them to know there is a softer side of his wife.

"She's a great wife but at the core she's really a great mother," he said.

Sherri has three children: an 18-year-old son, a 15-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old boy. In her Survivor bio Sherri says her personal claim to fame is finding the right diagnosis for her autistic son Colby.

And it turns out - her son Colby had some prior ties to Survivor even before mom was cast.

"We named our son during season two after Colby Donaldson - she was pregnant we liked the character and liked the name," Jared said.

Friends of Sherri believe she'll do well.

"I will be shocked if she doesn't go far," Tesha Vanderwiel said.

The Eagle woman is under a gag order, which forbids her from telling us just how far she'll make it before her torch is snuffed. But she did promise plenty of excitement.

"I don't think they have chance against me. I'm here to win," Sherri said. "I don't think they have chance against me. I'm here to win."

The two-hour season premier of Survivor airs Wednesday night at 7 p.m. on KBOI.