Is the new Boise Airport tower the tallest building?

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - It's the latest and greatest in air traffic control towers. The new Boise Airport tower was officially dedicated by the FAA on Thursday.

The 255 foot tall tower is 3 times taller than the old tower that was built in 1975. This is the tower other cities only dream of. "We were real fortunate to get it here. And when the FAA looked at cost it was actually less expensive for them to operate here than move it to Salt Lake." Mike Palmer said, an air traffic control instructor.

With all the new equipment they can now do more with less people, but instead Boise ATC picked up more controller slots. "Actually since we picked up additional airspace, we probably get one or two extra people to operate the Bozeman approach control," Palmer said.

Airport officials say the new tower equipment can also update as quick as one second from past wait times that were as long as nine second updates. The new tower is also built with room to grow,it has the capability to work as approach control for Twin Falls and Sun Valley airports if needed in the future.