Iron Cross Babes kick fundraising into high gear, helping charities

STAR - There's something about the open road, the wind at your face and the roar of the engine behind you.

But between all of this black and chrome, there are some long locks and lipstick.

"The Iron Cross is the strength of riding our own bike... babes, because we are!" says Sarah Stapp, Sergeant at Arms, with the Iron Cross Babes.

At least once a month, you'll find a dozen of these ladies riding their Softails, Road Kings and Street Glides, to name a few bikes.

Day trips, afternoon trips - it doesn't matter - as long as it's together.

And for the most part: no boys allowed!

"It makes us all have a bond between us," said Iron Cross Babes founder Deanna Brady.

They started riding together about three years ago because they love their motorcycles and the comraderie that goes along with it.

But they wanted a bigger purpose.

"We just wanted to raise money for charities and do something fun," Brady said. "We like to ride, so we thought it would be a good idea to do that."

And they agreed on the bottom line.

"We give all our money that we raise to local charities," she said. "Give one hundred percent away!"

Now, if the concept of a woman on a big motorcycle isn't hot enough, the ladies have kicked fundraising into high gear with their Iron Cross Babes annual calendar.

"When we've been on our photo shoots together for our group photo and there have been 12 of us, we've stopped traffic - it's fun!" Brady said.

The group donates all the fundraising money to charity.

But between all the smiles and fun, the charity work... is serious work and it touches founder Deanna Brady's heart.

It's a name on her vest: her sister, Veronica.

"It's touching for me to even still talk about it," Brady said. "Even though our first ride was three years ago for her, every year is still the same. We now ride in her memory and in her honor."

All of the Iron Cross Babes will tell you Veronica was iron-tough.

And even though cancer took her too soon, she was strong to the end.

Her determination is what prompted their first charity ride.

This year, all the money raised from the calendar will go to Life's Kitchen.

The women hope to generate a lot of funds for an organization that's an an impact on them.

"Life's Kitchen has helped some of us personally and some of our family members," Brady said.

So if you see the ladies out riding, remember it's okay to take a look.

In fact, keep up if you can.

But boys, you better leave the attitudes at home.

Because they could be seeing you in their rear-view mirror.

"It's liberating, it's free, it's therapeutic," Brady said. "There's nothing else like it."

The Iron Cross Babes have a big weekend of fundraising planned the last weekend in June.

Here's what you need to know to participate: it's a motorcycle and car fun run for Personal Ponies, Ltd.

The fun begins Thursday, June 27th with a concert and live auction at Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho on 3323 Port Street in Nampa.

Doors open at 6 pm with a performance by country artist Mark Wills at 6:30 pm.

The fun run is Saturday, June 29 at High Desert Harley on 2310 Cinema Drive in Meridian.

Registration is 9 to 11 am.

$20 per person includes the ride, hand, raffle ticket and lunch.

The all-day event features food, live music at 2 pm, ponies, a motorcycle and car show, plus silent auction.

For more information, call 866-8123.

To learn more about Personal Ponies, check out