Investigators: Fire started in gerbil hamster cage

CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) -- Fire investigators say a trailer home in Caldwell was destroyed in a fire later Sunday evening.

Investigators believe the fire started from a heat lamp that was inside a gerbil cage. When it tipped over, wood chips eventually caught fire.

Two people lived in the Towns Village Mobile Home Park got out in time and are OK.

Officials had said that several pets perished, however, it's now believed that the gerbil was the only pet that died. Caldwell and Middleton fire crews got the fire out within 20 minutes of arriving to the RV Park.

Firefighters said neighbors were lucky the fire didn't spread to other homes.

"This could have been a whole lot worse," said Battalion Chief Brad Carico. "As tightly packed as these trailers are and given the age of the trailers, it could have been really easy for it to catch more of them on fire."

Carico also said the burnout fund and American Red Cross were called in to help the displaced couple.