Investigation: Are those airline tickets really free?

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Paul Weindel of Horseshoe Bend knew the airline tickets he was being offered weren't 100 percent free.

The company that sent him an official looking letter said he would have to pay taxes and fees, but he didn't know why he needed to bring his credit card.

"I said why do I need a credit card if I don't use a credit card normally, if I use a debit card," said Weindel. "They said well if you don't have a credit card then you can't come."

Paul was even more upset when he tried to get an answer from their customer service.

"Before I even got into that he cut me off I redialed the number and called back and found out why I couldn't get through," said Weindel

Even more puzzling was the airline listed on the form he received in the mail didn't even exist. US Airlines is not a really company, and the because it sounds so much like US Airways that company had to put out an alert on their website.

A website given to Weindel about the seminar claims people need a credit card for verification of ID. According the the Better Business Bureau this is not an uncommon practice because in most cases the company wants to make sure people can make an instant buy on the spot.

We went to the seminar and tried to talk with someone who was running it. The woman at the front table got someone and the man, who never identified himself, asked us to come outside away from people waiting to attend the event.

Once outside he told us he asked us to shut off the camera and said he wouldn't talk until we did. When we asked him about why we would need a credit card for a free event, he didn't answer and said he would get his manager.

While we were waiting we found a couple who was told they couldn't attend because they didn't have a credit card. After a few minutes instead of talking with the manager those working the event called security who asked us to leave.

While outside we found Dave Barr who had also received a notice and was going to the event. We asked him if he thought the deal was legitimate.

"It did at first, but the more I thought about it and stuff, but I told them I would talk to them about it so we will see," said Barr.

After the event was over Barr said he didn't feel pressured to buy anything, but instead of two tickets, he and his wife received vouchers for the airline tickets. He will have to choose a date and mail them in but doesn't know if will workout as planned.