Intermountain Gas restoring service to evacuated homes

HAILEY, Idaho (KBOI) - Intermountain Gas Company had to shut mains through neighborhoods evacuated for Beaver Creek Fire near Hailey last week. They are now having to restore service for customers who had to leave.

The process takes longer than most think. When the fire was coming crews had to go house to house shutting off people's gas. They also had to clear the lines of any gas to make sure it couldn't ignite.

"(We have to) go into each one of the subdivisions, and we have to blow the air back out of the lines, get the gas back into the system," said David Nelson, a manager for IGC out of Hailey.

While natural gas is being turned back on, technicians first have to clear air out of the lines. Then they have to go back to neighborhoods, and turn on the gas back on one home at a time.

Crews then have to make sure all of the pilots are lit with anything that runs off natural gas to make sure it's not leaking anything into homes.

Technicians will be coming in from around the state to help restore service on Wednesday. they will sit in neighborhoods waiting for customers to call. Customers must call the company to have their service restored at 800-548-3679