Indicted resort suitor set for Jan. 10 mediation

BOISE, Idaho (AP) Tamarack Resort's indicted former suitor will go before a federal judge next month in attempt to mediate his case, but federal prosecutors aren't budging on an undisclosed plea agreement.

Matthew Hutcheson is scheduled for mediation in U.S. District Court on Jan. 10.

Hutcheson, an independent fiduciary who once offered $40 million for Tamarack, faces charges he raided retirement funds of some $5 million to fix up his home and help finance his now-failed resort acquisition.

In October, Hutcheson's attorney, Dennis Charney, was allowed to withdraw from the case after differences over strategy.

That's the same month federal prosecutors say they offered Hutcheson a plea deal.

Just what those terms are isn't public, but the government isn't willing to make Hutcheson a better offer as they head toward trial next year.