In this heat the playground can hurt your kids

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Direct sunlight throughout the day is raising the surface temperature of playground equipment and the danger is higher for kids because young children are even more susceptible to burns.

Signs are up at Demeyer Park warning of the hot equipment. One slide on the playground measured over 200 degrees for surface temperature.

Ashley Lloyd lives less than a block away, but won't take her two-year-old daughter when the weather gets too hot.

"She even had a scarring experience, she touches slides and says 'slide too hot'," said Lloyd. "Everywhere we go now she won't play on a slide when it isn't too hot because of being on slides that are hot."

Surprisingly, it's the plastic at the park that tends to get warmer than the metal items like swings.

Doctors said young children are more prone to burn themselves because their skin is more sensitive, and they don't have the reflexes to get themselves off of a hot surface.

If a burn from the equipment is bad enough, the skin can blister and even become infected.

Parents should first check the equipment with their hand. Doctors say if it hurts to hold it on a surface for more than a couple of seconds then it's too hot for your child to play on.