'I'm not going to have a 7-year-old wait in 11-degree weather'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Many Treasure Valley parents waited in the car and turned up the heat Monday morning at the bus stop, so their kids didn't have to wait in the freezing temperatures.

"It's so cold, I'm not going to have a 7 year old wait in 11 degree weather," said Mary Cotswell, a local parent.

Winter is here and the freezing temps are forcing parents to change up how their kids gets to school in the mornings. For some, it means waiting in the car at the bus stop, for others, it's a nice warm car ride to school instead of walking or taking the bus.

"We've been driving, we are usually devoted walkers, but it's been cold enough that we've been driving to school," said Dana Zuckerman, a local parent.

The cold weather also means allowing more time, to get out the door.

"An extra minute or two with the little one because we want to make sure that he sort of got everything he needs, like the heavy duty boots," said David Nichols, another local parent.

If you have a child walking to school or waiting for the school bus, make sure to layer up, because it's suppose to be below freezing for the next few days.