'If we can inspire one or two kids' it's worth it

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Fans can be left in awe by some of the best players in the world, but it's a simple hand shake or autograph that can leave a real impression.

That's what makes the experience of the open practice day which was held on Wednesday in Boise so special. While the team had to actually practice they spent just as much time talking with fans and signing autographs. That part of the open practice is especially important to the Mike and Bob because it's what inspired them to pick up a racket 24 years ago.

"This is how we fell in love with the game we saw Davis Cup when we were ten years old," said Mike Bryan. "We got Andre Agassi's Davis Cup autograph, Jay Burgers' autograph. It kind of jump started us into the game inspired us."

The brothers signed balls and then used their rackets to hit them up into the crowd. Fans said they like the event because they get to see the more laid back side of players they don't always appear on TV. Because it was so important to them getting into the sport they home taking extra time for the fans will help kids want to play tennis.

"It's great for these kids if we can inspire one or two kids today to jump into the game and play then it's well worth while," said Mike.