'If someone calls're dealing with a scam'

CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) - Donna Fankboner doesn't use her computer much, but it began having problems.

Thankfully a friend was able to fix it, but soon she says she received several calls from a person claiming to be from PC Help Center. She became suspicious when she said they asked her to download from a website that would give them remote access to her computer.

They claimed her computer was sending them a message it was about to crash, but she told them not to call back. She said when it came up on the caller ID it said fraudulent number.

The Better Business Bureau said they're not surprised that thieves are getting more high tech. Dale Dixon of the BBB said the scheme goes off the knowledge that computers have issues, and not everyone is tech savvy.

"At some point in the last week that computer has been slow," Said Dale Dixon of the BBB. "So really it's a shotgun approach hoping that they are going to catch you at the right time."

Dixon said the best way to know if something is wrong is if you receive a call first. If something is wrong Dixon noted that you should initiate the contact.

"The best way to know that it's not a scam is if you initiate the phone call. If somebody calls you absolutely massive red flag your dealing with a scam," said Dixon.