Idahoans hit the roads, give thanks this holiday

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- It's time for the annual merry migration to share turkey and trimmings with loved ones.

"I actually just came down from University of Idaho," said Keri Peck of Eagle. "I'm back with my parents back here in Eagle, so I traveled down a couple days ago."

AAA of Idaho expects 195,000 Idahoans to hit the roads this Thanksgiving.

And we found folks are thankful this Thanksgiving for the most important reasons.

"Being alive, being alive," said Mike Bailey of Nampa. "I've had two heart attacks, so I'm very blessed and I'm just thankful for that."

"I'm thankful for my family," said Amanda Larimore who will be spending Thanksgiving in Meridian. "I just reconnected with them, and I enjoy spending time with them."

"For family, and the United States," said Ken Hansen of Boise. "That's a big thing. We live in a free country."

"I'm just thankful my mom's recovering from surgery, and doing well while dad's taking care of the household," said Keri Peck. "And granma's still kickin' with us after her stroke four years ago."

"I have a wonderful wife. she is amazing," said Tom McNeill of Eagle. "She just lost her mom and has been really hassled with that but she is just amazing through it all."

It's true year round, of course, but somehow clearer during late November's holiday odyssey -- the endearing bond of family.