Idaho Power warns of people impersonating its workers

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Idaho Power is warning its customers not to let anyone claiming to be with the power company in their homes.

The caution comes after one Boise resident called the company, saying a man with tools knocked on his door and demanded to be let inside to fix the power meter. The homeowner shut the door and called Idaho Power, which the company's representatives say was the right thing to do.

Idaho Power representatives say the man who knocked on the customer's door is not with their company. They also note that almost all power meters are located on the outside of homes, so there's no reason anyone from their company would ever unexpectedly need access to the inside of your home.

"If there ever were an emergency where we did need to enter your home, you would probably already be aware of it," said Kevin Winslow, a spokesman for Idaho Power. "It would be of a magnitude that you would know an emergency was happening."

If anyone claiming to be with Idaho Power tries to get in your house, company representatives recommend locking your doors, calling police, and then calling them.