Idaho parents arrested after parking lot fight

LEWISTON, ID - Two parents were taken into custody Thursday afternoon after a fight in the parking lot of Big Lots that put their young children, and each other in danger.

According to Lewiston Police Department Captain Roger Lanier, 30-year-old Swan Mandujano of Lapwai was upset that 33-year-old Gregory Elwell, also of Lapwai, was drinking in the car in the presence of their children.

A fight broke out, and Lanier said Elwell battered both Mandujano and one of the two children who are both younger than two years old. Mandujano then proceeded to run over Elwell with her car multiple times according to eyewitnesses. Lanier said the actions of both parents involved got them arrested and cited with endangerment charges for involving the young children in the fight.

"Child protective services will get a copy of the report and they may make the determination," said Lanier. "Our determination as law enforcement is, is there an immediate threat and can we resolve that."

The children are currently in the care of relatives. Elwell was taken to St. Joseph Regional Medical Center and released with minor injuries. Both parents were booked into the Nez Perce County Jail.