Idaho legislator would charge women, doctors with murder for abortion

An Idaho legislator is planning on proposing a bill that would allow women who get abortions, and their doctors who perform them, to be charged with first-degree murder.

Republican Sen. Dan Foreman of Moscow, says he wants to see abortion made illegal in the state of Idaho.

"I think the best way to stop it would be to call it what it is: first-degree murder," Foreman said.

The woman, and her doctor, could both be charged. First-degree murder is punishable by up to life in prison, and in some cases, the death penalty.

"I am making the effort to write what I consider to be an injustice," he said. "Now, I know many people are gonna disagree with my point of view but this is America; they have a right to disagree, but others have a right to push for it, for this type of bill."

There would be one exception to the bill, Foreman says, and that would be if the mother's life was at stake.

"I recognize someone has to make a decision there, and I think the appropriate person to make that decision, in consult with others of course, would be the mother," he said. "So there would be no penalty."

Rape and incest would not be considered as exceptions to the rule.

"Rape and incest leaves us in the same situation," he said. "As a retired police officer, I've dealt with those types of situations. They're very unfortunate, they should never happen, but sometimes they do. But the child involved, the child that's conceived, does he or she have a role in that? Should they be condemned to death?"

Foreman served 30 years in the Air Force and then 11 years with the Moscow Police Department.

"And this poppy-cock, of women saying 'don't tell me what to do with my body,' I'm not telling any woman what to do with her body; I would be completely against the government telling a woman or anyone else what to do with their body, but that logic is flawed when they use that."

Foreman says at that point, the mother essentially telling the child what to do with his or her body.

Other legislators do not feel the same way.

"On behalf of women and families all over our state, I will do everything in my power to ensure this legislation doesn't move forward," said Sen. Cherie Buckner-Webb, the assistant minority leader. "This ignores a woman's right to make choices. This kind of legislation is definitely a step backwards."

President Pro Tempore, Sen. Brent Hill, doesn't support abortion, but also doesn't support this bill.

"As much as I oppose abortion, I cannot support such a radical approach as this bill," he told KBOI 2News.

The bill is still being drafted, and Foreman adds that he won't back down from the issue.

"What type of man or woman doesn't act on internal moral conviction?" Foreman asked. "I don't want to know anybody like that, I don't want to work with anybody like that, and I certainly don't want anybody like that in a position of authority."

Similar abortion bills are proposed in Idaho every year, however, the most recent one to become law was quickly overturned by a federal court.

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