Idaho lawmakers hope to put up barriers on gun control

BOISE, Idaho- Many folks in Idaho think President Obama and the federal government are on the verge of throwing their rights away. Some Idaho lawmakers are hoping to put up more barriers.

The proposals that are being introduced focus on four key things:

1. Protecting state police and deputies so federal agents can't require them to collect guns.

2. Establish that the federal government can't regulate gun commerce. If a gun or ammunition are made here, it can stay here.

3. Enhance the concealed carry law requiring more training. Therefore, allowing the permit to be honored in other states.

4. A commerce clause also related to gun sales that says the federal government can't take Idaho guns away.

"So strengthen laws as much as we can so if it even came down to the fact that the federal government is going to try and come here and restrict our second amendment rights we have something in place to fight back," said Representative Judy Boyle, who is presenting the bills.

Representative Boyle believes the bills will be supported because the state is a strong backer of the second amendment.

We did talk with Idaho democrats but they do not wish to comment until the bills are introduced. They are expected to be introduced on Monday.