Idaho Humane Society lays down the law

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Unlike many counties where the sheriff works as animal control. in Ada County the Idaho Humane Society is contracted to do the work, and they are seeing success.

Six animal control officers are deputized to investigate animal abuse, and write citations for other violations. This has been going on for decades, but has played a key in reducing animal abuse cases.

According to CEO Jeff Rosenthal many times the Humane Society has the resources to house the animals, and the experts needed to find abuse.

"It's very important to provide veterinary testimony in terms of whether or not an animal is properly cared for," said Rosenthal. "In most cases do hinge on the reports and testimony of a veterinarian."

Officials say the key to investigating, and reducing animal abuse is having enough staff. Thankfully the Humane Society does, and they are evening adding two more officers. The extra enforcement is already showing results.

"The biggest trend I've seen is that there has really been a decline in the large scale cases of animal abuse and neglect," said Rosenthal