'Idaho Gives' helps local charities, and even our four-legged friends

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The second annual Idaho Gives day is celebrating local nonprofit groups.

The online giving campaign helps to raise money and awareness for hundreds of charities in Idaho. Last year, Idaho Gives raised more than $578,000 for 418 nonprofit groups. This year, organizers hope that number will spike even higher.

"Last year was the inaugural year and it was fantastic, although some of the non-profits played the game of 'watch and see,' said Janice Fulkerson, executive director for the Idaho Nonprofit Center. "But this year they know exactly what to do and they are going big. It's fantastic."

The Idaho Humane Society jumped on board with Idaho Gives last year, and says they raised more than $13,000. As of 5:20 p.m. Thursday, they had already raised $17,500.

The group said this giving blitz has become a huge help for their program, and also helps out our four-legged friends.

"It's great in the springtime because it's the time of year when the number of animals is sharply increasing and sometimes the donations are a little bit less," Idaho Humane Society spokeswoman Hannah Parpart said. "It's a great time of year to add Idaho Gives day to increase the donations this time of year."

But beyond that, Parpart said it's special to see the community rallying around their cause and looking to help out.

"That's what is so great to me is seeing all of those people who are really supportive in our community and who have gotten behind trying to find homes for our homeless pets here in our community," she said.

Boise resident Nancy Kate adopted a dog, Finn, downtown at the Idaho Gives headquarters Thursday.

"He just appealed to me, he's awfully cute," Kate said. "I figured this was the right little dog for me. I heard about Idaho Gives and so I thought it's a wonderful opportunity for the community, especially with all of the dogs that now need homes here."

But in the Treasure Valley, generosity goes beyond longing puppy eyes and is supporting hundreds of other groups and causes.

"Idahoans are very generous," Fulkerson said. "They give of their time, they give of their talent and they give of their treasure and that's what we're seeing here today. Today shows our pride and our proof that we also donate our dollars."

If you would like to donate, you can click here until 11:59 p.m. Thursday.