Idaho AG's office weighs in on parking meter dispute

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Idaho Attorney General's office has issued an opinion when it comes to the dispute over parking sensors. ACHD and the City of Boise have been fighting over the issue for months.

The opinion sites several Idaho laws which favor ACHD. It goes on to say if the matter went to court ACHD would likely win.

For months both sides have been disputing whether or not the other has the right to regulate the roadway when it comes to the sensors.

At one point ACHD did agree to let the city put the sensors in the roadway, and the city had already installed 67 of them. Although once the ACHD commissioners learned the sensors could be mounted on the meter themselves they reversed their decision.

The highway district said they don't like to cut in the road whenever possible because it can lead to problems down the road.

Officials with the city sent out a response to the opinion which read:

"The Attorney General's informal opinion validates what the City of Boise has maintained from the beginning: that ACHD has authority to require a permit for the City's parking meter sensors. That is why the City's vendor has applied for such a permit. The City has agreed to accept total responsibility for the installation, maintenance, and removal of the sensors. Despite that, ACHD has yet to approve the permit. It has always been the City's goal to resolve this disagreement amicably and within the law; the AG's opinion provides both parties with an opportunity to move forward in the best interest of the citizens we jointly serve."

ACHD spokesman Craig Quintana said he hopes the AG's opinion will compel the city to come to the table and work out an intergovernmental agreement. Although he disputes the cities claim they have recognized ACHD authority to maintain the roadway.