Icy roads cause crashes all over Ada County

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Idaho Transportation Department says it monitors the roadways at all times and has crews ready 24 hours a day. The biggest concern is surface temperatures. Once a highway gets below 15 degrees, the de-icer no longer works and sand is necessary.

ITD tries not to use a lot of sand on the roads, mostly because de-icer is more effective when it comes to light snowfall. Of course, its not all up to ITD to make to the roads safe, drivers need to slow down as well. A speeding car on the connector scared Drew Drewrey and his family on their drive to Bogus Basin, "we saw a van come on the freeway going exceptionally fast and when he hit the freeway, he ran into an embankment."

Road conditions can change quickly and experts say its important to be alert. Transportation crews encourage drivers to call 5-1-1 for the most current road conditions in your area.

Slick roads and several crashes forced the connector to be closed for about fifteen minutes Wednesday night. The Ada County Sheriff's office released some numbers from around the county between 5-7pm:

-10 crashes without injuries

-6 crashes with injuries

-3 hit and run crashes

-2 stuck vehicles

Ada county dispatch reminds everyone to plan ahead and leave plenty of time to arrive safely at their destination.