Camel's Back Park hillside chute back open to the public after months long rehab project

One of the most visited parks in Boise finally has its iconic hillside chute back open to the public.

The widely popular, yet very steep hillside chute at Camel's Back Park in the North End, has been closed off to the public since October for a months long rehabilitation project due to severe erosion.

The City of Boise announced its official opening Thursday afternoon. The new updates are meant to fix and prevent erosion problems.

"It's eroding enough that it's going to start to be dangerous," Boise Parks and Recreation planning manager Toby Norton told KBOI 2News last year.

There are a few big changes at the top of the hill.

"We put up the steps, there were 68 treads that were put in, and then as you can see we put in the hand rail, which is the existing Bogus Basin hand rail," said Jordan Winspear, president of Winspear Construction .

The city made sure to incorporate the original ski lift cables to preserve some history.

On your hike you'll also notice four retaining walls made out of large sandstones. those have drains that run behind them and are key to helping with erosion.

The walls hold back soil and they have drains behind them to divert water off the hill.

The project was supposed to be complete Jan. 1 but, faced delays because of the severe winter and with folks trying to bypass the closed signs.

The top of the hill is now four to five times bigger than before.

"The hill here is a lot wider to accommodate more people, give people an area to stop and look over the city, watch fireworks, have a picnics, whatever they want to do over here," Norton said.

He says if they hadn't made these improvements it would have been just a matter of years before it would become too dangerous to hike the chute.