Nampa ice cream truck uses high tech methods to keep goodies cool

Mary and Maria with Cool Intentions Ice Cream serves cones to kids at Ann Morrison Park. The high-powered truck keeps thousands of cool goodies frozen. (Lauren Clark KBOI).

When an ice cream rolls down the street with its sweet little jingle, kids and adults alike can't help but to smile.

"Everybody likes ice cream," said Maria Seklow, owner and operator of Cool Intentions Ice Cream Truck. This time of the year is busy for the company, as the heat wave makes ice cream all the more appealing. "When they take that first bite, they look like they don't ever want to stop," said Mary Seklow, Maria's 15-year-old daughter.

With all this high demand, Maria and Mary can spend up to 12 hours in their small truck delivering and preparing ice cream. Luckily, their process of staying cool is down to a science. "We have refrigerators and freezers, and we keep Italianice and ice cream mix cool," Mary said.

The truck uses eutectic cold plate technology to keep three refrigerators and freezer cool. But not only can they hold "thousands" of ice cream treats--they also keep Maria and Mary refreshed too! "Sometimes it gets (the treats) too frozen, so we open it up and it makes the air cool," Mary said.

They also turn on a fan, open windows and drink water to prevent being too hot. And of course, when you are around all this creamy, cold ice cream, Mary admits it's hard not to eat a few! Mary and Maria say working long hours in the heat is more than worth a sweet reward----seeing children smiling with joy as ice cream drips down their cheeks.

"We see a lot of people happy," Maria said.

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