Ice clogging street drains

BOISE, Idaho - All the snow and ice we've gotten over the last few weeks is now flooding many streets and and our drains just cant keep up.

"Everybody wants us to plow but you got to take that snow somewhere and you've got to take it to the sides and it always causes issues when it starts to melt," said ACHD spokesman Randy Noble.

Piles of snow and ice are blocking water from running into drains. In most cases ACHD says ice inside the drain is blocking the water from going down.

Crews have been working around the clock maintaining roads, making lists of trouble spots and trying to clear out drains.

Freezing temperatures might actually help with the problem.

"We're hoping now that temperatures will cool down just a little bit to relieve some of the snow melt so our drains can catch up a little bit," said Noble.

If flooding is threatening to damage your home Noble says give ACHD a call, otherwise you'll just have to wait.

"We're inundated with calls that are critical right now, we can't just be out chasing puddles," said Noble.

To help, Noble says don't pile snow from your sidewalk and driveway onto drains and don't park on top of drains.